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Fred Sigman – Art Historian and Filmmaker


From the age of 10, when Fred’s mother took her three children on a spontaneous European tour for six months, Fred has been a globetrotter. In his hand for that entire journey, Fred had a medium format box camera with which he documented many of the places they visited and the people they met along the way. For the month during which they lived in a Madrid pensión, he roamed back alleys and rambled alone through the Prado Museum.

Travel. Photography. Art. All came together in a wanderlust motivated by a desire to document and teach.


Fred has been a university professor of photography and art history since 1986. With a Masters and PhD degrees in art history, he helped develop the first online courses for the College of Southern Nevada beginning in 1999. After a sabbatical leave in 2005, when Fred traveled throughout Asia and South America, he started thinking about how his courses in Asian Art could be enhanced if he he could go beyond the tried and true (or tired and tedious) methods of teaching art history in a darkened classroom with a carousel of slides. Soon, fred was teaching all of his courses from the field, from locations in the world where the art was made and used. Teaching a history of Buddhist Art and Architecture from Japan, Angkor Wat and Sukhothai, Thailand gave the students an almost “being there” feeling with Fred serving as their guide. Through the use of videos and audio podcasts, recorded, edited and delivered to students back in the United States within a couple of days of their production, changed the learning dynamic from teacher to student to one that put the art and architecture central to learning.

With his company eLearning Media, Inc., Fred now produces media learning assets, leads teachers and media makers on global tours, and develops educational apps.


All out of his backpack.



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